Fragments of history

The hotel Alexandria has a rich and inspiring history that we are proud of.

We try to continue in it and develop it. More than 75 years ago, the hotel was one of the best spa hotels in the country. We truly believe that it will still belong to the top spa hotels for many years. Read a few historical facts and make your stay in our hotel even more intense.

  • Why is the hotel named "Alexandria"? Was it named after the ancient Egyptian city of the same name or after the conqueror Alexander the Great? None of the options is correct. The hotel is named after the architect Alexander Lozovsky, who designed it together with Rudolf Hrabě.
  • Wedding gifts can be different things. It can be plates and glasses or also gift vouchers to the hotel Alexandria. Do you know which wedding gift was given to Alexander Lozovsky's wife? It was the hotel Alexandria.
  • The hotel welcomed its first guests in 1939. At that time, the press considered the hotel's construction to be the "last architectural achievement that made Luhačovice to be a world-class spa and a center of modern society."
  • The consequences of World War II came to Alexandria, too. After the season in 1942, the hotel was confiscated for military purposes. On April 30 in1945, the existence of the hotel was in danger. Vincenc Jančařík, the then hotel's waiter, remembers how the German army mounted dynamite charges on the supporting columns. In the end (probably after discovering stocks of good wine in the dungeons), they abandoned their intention...
  • After 1948, the hotel became a favorite place of officials of the communist regime including ministers, presidents and foreign government delegations, especially thanks to first-class services and excellent cuisine.
  • In 2010, Alexandria underwent a crucial reconstruction. Its original shine was restored and the building got new modern part with the largest Luhačovice wellness center inside.
  • Anti-smoking law has been a hot topic in recent years in the Czech republic. The hotel Alexandria was ahead of its time. Smoking is forbidden in entire hotel since the middle of the last century.
  • In last eight years, the hotel Alexandria won for seven times in the Czech Hotel Awards competition of the most popular hotel in the Zlín region.