Tips for trips from Luhačovice

Do you like to visit new places?

Luhačovice is located in a picturesque valley of the protected landscape area called White Carpathians. They are an ideal starting point for exploring Southeast Moravia. Let yourself be tempted by the extraordinary sights, natural beauties, folklore, wine, taste the famous fruit spirits, local cuisine specialties and experience the traditional Moravian hospitality.

Zlín – the city of Bata

Zlín is the administrative city of the region. You can find the traces of Tomas Bata at every step, whether it is the functionalist architecture or traditional brick houses. Baťa's skyscraper offers a view of the city from above. The Museum of Southeastern Moravia is also worth visiting, being dedicated mainly to the history of shoe-making.

Zoo Zlín – stroke your stingray

A few kilometers from Zlín, there is one of the most beautiful zoological gardens in the Czech Republic. The expositions are arranged by continents, and only minimal barriers separate the visitors and the animals. Here you can visit Bay of stingrays, which is an European rarity. You can feed and also stroke the stingrays.

Vizovice – a trip to discover the spirit and chocolate

Vizovice has a rich history and a number of beautiful monuments. The renowned R. Jelínek liqueur company is based here and produces quality fruit spirit since 1894. You can agree an excursion in the company in advance and see the production of the traditional spirit in live. Lovers of sweets should not miss the renowned chocolate factory. If you like more the culture and history, visit the chateau of Vizovice and the nearby castle gardens.

The White Carpathians are made for hiking

If you like beautiful nature, visit the protected landscape area of White Carpathians. Near the largest peak of Velká Javořina (970 m), there is a virgin forest with maples, beeches and ash trees. The White Carpathians area is interwoven with mysterious localities of local historical female healers, the so-called goddesses of Žítkov.

Mowing orchid meadows
In the virgin nature of the White Carpathians, folklore and cultural events are held each year at the beginning of June. In the early morning, many volunteers with rakes start to mow the orchids at local meadows. If you plan to stay in Luhačovice just in this time, you should not miss this traditional custom.

The Ride of Kings

The nearby Vlčnov is famous for its Ride of Kings of the Slovácko region. The historical spectacle is always held at the end of May and is listed at the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The Buchlovice castle and chateau

Around 40 kilometers far from Luhačovice, there is a charming Baroque chateau called Buchlovice with a large park. It is one of the most important aristocratic residences in our country. Next to the village, a majestic Buchlov castle was built on a hill. It is one of the oldest castles in Moravia. In the surroundings of Buchlovice, you will find a number of renowned Moravian vineyards.

Velehrad – the most famous pilgrimage place

Velehrad with the Basilica of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and St. Cyril and Methodius is the most important pilgrimage place in Moravia. It is the most famous pilgrimage place in our country at the same time. The basilica was listed in the list of national cultural monuments. Every year, a pilgrimage takes place in Velehrad, being attended by tens of thousands of pilgrims.

Athens of Haná region

Kroměříž is nicknamed as the “Athens of Haná region” for its unique set of architectural monuments and charming gardens. The gardens of Kroměříž and the Archbishop's Chateau are listed in the UNESCO protected monuments list. The Bishop's Mint is also worth visiting, containing the largest coin collection in Central Europe.

Know the Baťa Canal from the ship or from the saddle

The Baťa Canal connects Kroměříž with Hodonín in the Slovácko region. Boat trip on the canal is an unforgettable experience. The canal sides are bordered by 80 km of cycle tracks that all the enthusiastic cyclists will love. We will be happy to help you to rent a bike at the Hotel Alexandria.

Open-air museum full of folklore

In Rožnov, there is a popular tourist attraction, the largest, most visited and the second oldest open-air museum in Central Europe – the Wallachian Open Air Museum. You will visit 100 different historic sights in four areas. The open-air museum offers real folk culture, Moravian folklore and traditional crafts.

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