Sauna world

Experience the joy that the Alexandria Sauna World offers

In our sauna world, you can relax in ceramic baths — steam bath, herbal bath and salt bath, in the Finnish sauna, laconium or oriental steam bath called Rasul. After staying in the sauna, you will need to cool down. Choose whether to use our cool showers or real ice from an ice well.

Warming up the body in the sauna or bath, followed by rapid cooling cleans the body and mind, warms up, cleanses the skin and prepares the body for subsequent regeneration procedures that you can choose according to your desire (massage, wraps ...).

What are the opening hours?

The sauna world is open from 10:00 am – 09:00 pm.

What to wear?

During your stay in the sauna world, please use a sheet or a bath towel.

Is there an entry fee?

Guests accommodated in our hotel have FREE access to the sauna world. Other guests pay a fee as a part of the entry to the wellness centre.


Try our saunas

Steam bath

We recommend you to start exploring the magical sauna world just in the steam bath. The temperature of the steam bath varies between 43–46 °C and easily dissolves all the worries and stress. Traditional steam therapy contributes to the overall relaxation of the body and is an excellent preparation for other treatments.

Herb bath

The herb bath is warmer than the steam bath (about 55–66 °C) and combines thermotherapy with aromatherapy. Selected essences scent the bath and help your psychics to relax. It has a beneficial effect on the respiratory tract and skin and contributes to the overall relaxation of body and mind.

Salt bath

The salt bath has a maximum of 50 °C and is regularly dosed with an aerosol of sea salt. It has beneficial effects on the airways and skin.

Finnish sauna

Finnish sauna is a traditional Scandinavian way of mental and physical cleansing. The temperature is between 90 and 100 °C. The body sweats due to the heat, thereby eliminates harmful substances. Staying in a sauna is beneficial to your airways and immune system. It is necessary to cool with cold water or ice after staying in the sauna.


The laconium room is heated to 60 °C with dry air. The heat radiates from the heated walls of the room, benches and floors. Staying in laconium slows the heart rate, relaxes the skin and muscles. It is recommended as a relaxation procedure.


The Rasul steam bath is an extraordinary procedure. The temperature is around 40 °C and during the stay in it, you apply Moroccan clay on your body or on the body of your partner. The clay contains a high percentage of minerals and substances that cleanse the skin. Moreover, it has a very pleasant consistency. Finally, your body will rinse a cleansing shower that automatically starts from the ceiling. We offer the Rasul steam bath to our guests and public as an individual treatment for a fee.

Sauna ceremonies

An experienced sauna master will accompany you through the sauna ceremony. Hot stones in the sauna are covered with water mixed with aromatic essence. The humidity increases, the hot steam rises and hisses pleasantly. The sauna master spreads the steam all over the space with towels. The steam impact that the towel causes enhances the effect of the hot air on the body and helps to open the pores on the skin. The ceremony has its energy and story. It is accompanied by pleasant scents and music. The sauna master always prepares everything for the visitors before the ceremony as per their needs. One of the rituals always includes peeling or body mask that has a beneficial effect on the skin.

Sauna ceremonies take place regularly according to the schedule in the Finnish sauna. The ceremony usually does not exceed 10 minutes and even sauna beginners can participate. Each Friday during the night wellness, the wellness centre visitors have the sauna ceremony for free.