Luhačovice and surroundings

What to see and experience in Luhačovice and its surroundings?

The spa town Luhačovice and its surroundings, as well as the Alexandria hotel, offer many possibilities for your perfect holiday and unforgettable experiences.

Why to visit Luhačovice?

Traditional architecture

Luhačovice is a modern city that has kept its magical spa atmosphere. The spa colonnade and the beautiful buildings of the architect Dušan Jurkovič remind the rich culture and history of the town.

Healing springs

Luhačovice offers unique wealth – healing mineral springs. The mineral water Vincentka is the most famous one.

Spa wafers

The round fragile wafers belong inherently to the spa. They are the most common and tasteful souvenir of our spa guests.

About Luhačovice

Luhačovice will impress you with its diverse architecture and beautiful surroundings and the greenery that is all around. A walk around the spa colonnade and the near park will give you the energy in every season.

Spa and hiking trails and cycling routes pass through Luhačovice and its surroundings. The nearby dam is an ideal place for active recreation, in-line skating, diverse sports and fishing. In the spa area near the springs, you can play tennis on unique clay courts.

Luhačovice spa has more than 300 years of spa tradition and is one of the most beautiful spas in the Czech Republic. Book your stay at the Hotel Alexandria and discover yourself the beauty of the largest Moravian spa!